Support the Farm Workers Fair Labor Practices Act

September 06, 2016

Extends basic rights to farm workers by:

-Providing collective bargaining rights for farm workers.

-Allow farm workers 24 hours of rest a week.

-Makes clear that eight hours shall constitute a legal day's work for farm workers.

-Provides that farm workers shall be paid overtime after eight hours of work and 40 hours a week at the rate of time and one half.

-provides unemployment insurance for farm laborers

-Expand the application of the sanitary code to farms, so farm workers have sanitary living and working conditionsĀ 

-Establishes eligibility for farmworkers as other workers for workers' compensation.

-Requires the posting of workers' compensation insurance to be posted in English and Spanish; provides for additional penalties for failure to post workers' compensation insurance notice.

- Requires foremen receiving notice of an injury to a worker suffered in the course of farm employment to inform the employer of the injury.

-Makes it unlawful to discharge an employee for requesting a claim form regarding injuries incurred in the course of employment.

-Amends the state disability law to include farm workers within coverage.

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