2018 Legislative Questionnaire

New York State has a temporary property tax cap that limits the growth of local and school district property taxes to 2% or less. Since its passage, the tax cap has significantly decreased the rate of property tax growth. Opponents argue the tax cap puts too much pressure on local governments and school districts.
For six consecutive state budgets – including the budget I voted for last year – spending growth has been restricted to 2% or below. This measure has saved taxpayers $41 billion, yet some of my colleagues refuse to make this practice permanent.
Most important (1) Important (2) Not as important (3) Least important (4)
Cutting bureaucratic red tape and unnecessary government regulations *
Increased funding for job training and workforce development *
New tax incentives for businesses *
Greater investment in new technology and related programs *
Improving New York’s business climate is essential to attracting new businesses and creating jobs in our area. Help me craft new economic initiatives...
The abundance of fresh water is one of Western New York’s greatest assets. Senator Jacobs is pushing for more funds to clean up our area waterways, providing greater access for boating, fishing and swimming.
With a growing elderly population in Western New York, many adults are becoming the primary caregivers of their aging parents.
Senator Jacobs is an advocate for term limits to reform Albany’s culture of corruption.
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