PETITION: Say NO to a new Wood Burning Ban!

January 13, 2022

Downstate Democrats are at it again. The new objective from their Climate Action Council - “reduce wood smoke.”

This would mean a potential ban on wood-burning stoves in your homes, on top of the move to eliminate natural gas hook-ups. Homes in rural New York depend on this for heat. It’s out of touch decisions like these that freeze our residents and force them to flee for better, more affordable climates.

Have these Albany bureaucrats considered the needs of the hundreds of thousands of upstate New Yorkers who depend on wood to heat their homes before targeting them with mandates? New York families already pay the highest energy cost in the nation, and now they want to reduce their access to affordable heating.

Safe to say that isn’t the type of “climate action” we should be encouraging.

If this council wants “quantifiable benefits” they should find a way to reduce energy costs by 40%, not take away an affordable heating source used by countless upstate New Yorkers.

Sign our petition today opposing a ban on wood-burning stoves and I will personally deliver your comments to the Climate Action Council. 

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