Legislative Questionnaire Your Opinion Counts!

Many of these issues are likely to come before the state legislature in 2018. Your feedback will help me to stand up and best represent you and the residents of the 49th State Senate District. Please fill out and return the linked PDF questionnaire OR complete it online at www.tedisco.nysenate.gov. Thank you for taking the time to share your opinions with me.

School/Education Aid *
Ethics Reform *
Job Creation/Retention *
Health Care Costs and Availability *
High Taxes/Tax Relief *
Crime/Violence *
Heroin & Opioid Addiction *
Infrastructure (Maintaining Roads, Bridges, Sewers and Safe Water) *
Protecting Parkland/Environment *
Other *
Lower Business Taxes *
Lower All Taxes *
Increase Wages *
Remove Burdensome Regulations *
Other *
Local/Network TV News *
Cable TV News *
Newspapers *
Radio *
Online News Sites *
Facebook *
Twitter *
Other *
Taxpayer-funded elections where taxpayers must pay for campaigns for all candidates *
Voter ID Law to prevent voter fraud *
Early Voting *
Consolidate State and Federal Primaries, which are now held on two separate days, into one day in August to save tax dollars *
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