Senator Tedisco's New York Senate Youth Leadership Recognition Award Nomination Form

February 21, 2019

The New York State Senate Youth Leadership Recognition Awards

February is Youth Leadership Month, making it the perfect time to highlight the New York State Senate’s Youth Leadership Recognition Awards program. The program recognizes and honors outstanding students who will become our future leaders.  Do you know a successful high school student whose accomplishments make your school proud?  Today is your chance to recognize that student for their achievements and the great work they do to benefit their community.

You and/or your staff can nominate a student by filling out the online nomination form, attaching a recommendation letter and the student’s brief statement about their accomplishment(s). Nominations may come from teachers, administrators, counselors, or other school faculty.  We are looking for well-rounded candidates who excel not only academically, but through leadership in extracurricular and volunteer activities.  There are four categories to choose from, including Academics, Athletics, Arts and Community Service.

The Senator will present the selected students with a certificate of recognition and share their story on their website. Participating schools are invited to nominate a maximum of five junior or senior students for the program.

All nominations must be submitted online by April 5, 2019.

Online Youth Leadership Recognition Award Nomination Form
(All nominations should be submitted online by April 5, 2019)
Statement from student about an accomplishment they’ve had and why it is important
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