Voice your Concerns about Airplane Noise

July 08, 2016

Dear Friend,

As your neighbor, I am all too aware of the burden that our community faces from airport noise that is associated with LaGuardia Airport. As you know, Runway 22 presents a particularly negative effect upon our quality of life, as the flight path for its departures and arrivals places low flying aircraft in the skies directly over Jackson Heights, Northern Boulevard and Astoria Boulevard. It has always been my position that the Port Authority should work to alleviate traffic on Runway 22 during the early morning hours, especially on weekends when residents are at rest. While I understand that weather conditions often come into play and may dictate otherwise, it is important that the Port Authority works to minimize use of Runway 22 at these times because of man-made factors, such as construction. 

In recent months, I have heard a great deal of concern from constituents relative to the airport noise coming from Runway 22. As such, I have been sure to relay each and every one of these concerns to the Port Authority. 

I invite you to complete the below form to also share your experiences, concerns and suggestions for improvement. I will then communicate this information to the Port Authority, and ask that they follow up with you to address the issues you raise. 

Further, please note that you may also call the Port Authority directly at 1-800-225-1071.  

Senator Jose Peralta

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