Senator Funke's 2018 Legislative Questionnaire

January 30, 2018

Please take a few minutes to fill out my Legislative Questionnaire so that I can continue to be an effective voice for you in Albany.

The New Year brings another legislative session and a new budget proposal from the Governor. We face tough challenges, including a $4.4 billion deficit but there is one thing I know for sure - we can’t raise taxes on working families to make up the difference.

What is most important to me is to faithfully represent your views in Albany. To help me do that I need your help.

Your opinions are very important to me, so please consider taking a moment to complete the questionnaire below.  Many of these issues are likely to come before the State Legislature soon and your feedback will help me best represent the residents and families of Monroe and Ontario counties. 

We face tough challenges but working together, I know we can overcome them. As always, thanks for your continued support and kindness.


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