Support our farmers and local food banks!

September 07, 2016

Sign my petition calling on Governor Cuomo to sign the Farm to Food bank tax credit today!

New York farmers have historically been very generous in donating food to those in need. In 2014 alone, New York farmers donated nearly ten million pounds of food.

However, farmers often face barriers to getting excess produce into the emergency food system, including added labor, packaging, and transportation costs that are not offset by corresponding sale proceeds. 

Our new legislation would allow an eligible NYS farmer a tax credit of 25% percent of the wholesale cost of qualified donations, up to $5,000 per year. 

“When we talk about tackling poverty, there’s no better place to start than helping farmers feed our hungry with fresh, locally-grown food at no expense to taxpayers,” said Funke. 

With another Holiday season fast approaching and the need only increasing, there really isn’t a moment to lose!


If you agree that providing farmers a tax credit to donate food to those in need would cut down on food waste and aid our state’s most needy residents , please sign my petition calling on Governor Cuomo to sign this legislation immediately. 


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Senator Rich Funke - F2FB Sign On by New York Senate on Scribd