Senator Robert Ortt Niagara Falls Survey

February 18, 2016

Dear Neighbor,

As we embark upon 2016, key challenges await us at the local and state level. That’s why I recently reached out to the Governor, Assembly, City of Niagara Falls, and other key stakeholders outlining a way to help meet those challenges by bringing more casino dollars into Niagara Falls. 

I believe that the lack of jobs and economic development in the City of Niagara Falls is a key struggle for us. We have a unique chance to turn the City around and make a significant, positive impact as we negotiate amendments to what is known as the 99-h law. This law outlines the casino funding formula determining the amount of revenue that flows to local government and how it may be used. I believe that we need a two-pronged plan to keep casino funds here in our community and increase accountability to ensure the funds are used transparently, effectively, and efficiently.

My plan involves reversing the formula currently in place: whereby the Seneca Nation sends 25 percent of their Falls casino revenue to the state, the state takes 75 percent of that amount, and 25 percent of that amount is sent back to Niagara Falls. I believe that Niagara Falls should be entitled to 75 percent as opposed to 25 percent. I also believe that we should earmark any additional funds to assist key community organizations and assist the City with economic development projects. 

But I’d like to know what YOU think. Please take a moment to fi ll out the attached questions so that together, we can work to bring back the Falls!

Faithfully Yours,

Robert Ortt
State Senator, 62nd District

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