NYS Senate 2019 Award Programs for Senate District 19

Nominate a resident, business or organization of Senate District 19 for an award from the New York State Senate

The Senate has bestowed prestigious awards upon Senator Roxanne J. Persaud to present to qualified constituents of Senate District 19.


◊ New York State Liberty Medal: The Liberty Medal is the highest civilian honor one can receive from a member of the State Senate. Awardees performed heroic actions as bystanders or law enforcement/first responders, served in the military, upheld lifetime achievements and more. 

  • Liberty Medals are authorized by Senate Resolution and remain on file in the Secretary of the Senate's office; each is accompanied by a presentation card, certificate and folder.
  • Nominations must include a short bio, any related media links, and a detailed description of heroic action(s) being honored for.


◊ Empire Award: The Empire Award commends a business that has achieved a high level of excellence in the district. Qualified businesses prove to be leaders in their industry, inspirations for other businesses in their neighborhood and avid philanthropists in their community.

  • Empire Awards are customized 8" x 10" faux black marble plaques.
  • Nominated businesses must be: leaders in their industry, and/or are successful in developing an outstanding and thriving company; businesses that use innovative methods or product(s); businesses that increase jobs, help to spur economic growth, and make significant community contributions which positively affect their local community and New York State.
  • Additionally, they must: spur other local businesses to form, or have created successful economic partnerships within the community; those that make an exceptional effort to hire veterans or hire/train individuals with disabilities; those that exemplify entrepreneurial success by growing and creating increased economic opportunities; family-owned businesses that have successfully passed from one generation to another; those that typify an emerging innovative company that has developed an outstanding and successful product or service.
  • Lastly, the nominees must have: created a culture of philanthropy, whose owners volunteer their time and services, and also demonstrate exceptional leadership in the community; those that conduct virtuous ethical practices and/or utilize green practices, and have contributed significantly to their community’s quality of life.
  • Nominations must include the name of the business and why the business is being nominated.


◊ Commendation Award: The Commendation Award identifies exceptional individuals who have shown dedication and made lasting contributions to their community. Recipients frequently volunteer, guide others and improve the quality of life in their communities through their devoted efforts.

  • Commendation Awards are customized 4" x 4" clear acrylic blocks, and come with a Commendation Coin.
  • These are available to individuals who: exemplify the spirit of volunteerism at its best, and devote their personal time, energy, creativity, and expertise to helping others; participate in philanthropic efforts and display exceptional generosity either through direct financial support, or by performing outstanding civic and charitable work; serve as an example to encourage others -- through their drive and generosity -- to get involved in their community; serve as leaders in the community who enrich the social, health, and educational well-being of their fellow citizens; demonstrate leadership by chairing committees, working on neighborhood causes and mentoring others; show effort and dedication to improve the quality of life in every aspect of their communities.
  • Nominations must include the name of the person, the action(s) they are being honored for.


◊ Framed Proclamation: Framed Proclamations recognize select individuals or organizations who have accomplished something of significance.

  • Framed Proclamations are customized 11" x 17" metal displays.
  • Nominations must include background information on the person/event being recognized, the date you would like printed on the proclamation itself and when you need the award by.


To nominate a qualified resident, business or organization of Senate District 19, please fill out and submit the online form. 

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