Albany’s Culture of Corruption Must Stop. Enact Pension Forfeiture Now!

February 09, 2016

More than a dozen former state lawmakers who have been convicted of a felony related to their elected position receive their taxpayer-funded retirement pension.  One is too many.

It is simple.  If you’re an elected official and you’re convicted of a felony, you don’t deserve a taxpayer-funded pension.

Under existing law, officials elected after 2011, such as myself, lose their pension if convicted of a felony crime.  As recent convictions prove, that’s just not enough. This rule should apply to all elected officials!

Last year, I helped the Senate pass a constitutional amendment that would enact pension forfeiture for every elected official convicted of a felony.  The Assembly failed to pass this measure, but I’m not done fighting for honesty and accountability in the public servants we elect to represent us.

This year, I proudly co-sponsor legislation which would strip elected officials of their taxpayer-funded pension if they are convicted of a felony and break public trust.  Sign my petition calling on Albany to take action on this important issue now. 

Together, we can make sure our elected officials work for us, not their own greedy self-interests.


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