Small Business Regulatory Watch

January 27, 2016

The Tax Foundation ranked New York’s business tax climate near the bottom of the barrel.  As a small business owner, and Chairman of the Administrative Rules and Regulations Commission, Senator Terrence P. Murphy is launching a small business regulatory watch to make his fellow business owners aware of some of the rules and regulations which are being handed down from the state and federal government. You can stay up-to-date with the latest proposed rules and regulations by signing up for the Samll Business Regulatory Watch Newsletter below.

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Sign-up for Small Business Regulatory Watch today and stay up-to-date with the latest proposed administrative rules and regulations. New York State has over 750,000 regulations on businesses and local governments, many of which are redundant, duplicative, unduly burdensome or completely unnecessary.

Senator Terrence Murphy is getting New York open for business by fighting to repeal them.

New York needs to reinvest in Main Street. As a small business owner I know firsthand about the crushing burden caused by the layers of bureaucracy which prohibit growth and ultimately prevent jobs from being created.  My goal is to improve the communication and transparency of government with our local business owners.  With more than 140,000 pages of rules and regulations in this state it is no wonder why we continue to export jobs and people.

The Small Business Regulatory Watch will educate small business owners about the State and federal regulatory processes focusing on: 

  • The New York State Register - a weekly publication of New York State’s rule making activities, proposed rules, securities offerings, notice of availability of state and federal funds, miscellaneous notices and hearings.
  • New York Codes Rules and Regulations - contains state agency rules and regulations adopted under the State Administrative Procedure Act after being published in the New York State Register.
  • Federal Register - the daily journal of the federal government of the United States containing federal agency rules, proposed rules and public notices.
  • Code of Federal Regulations – contains federal agency rules and regulations adopted under the Administrative Procedure Act after being published in the Federal Register.