2017 Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration

Dear Participant,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. We received outstanding poems, essays, and artwork that exemplify the creativity of New York State’s young people.

The submissions received are remarkable in what they represent – showing gratitude and respect for family, friends, our troops fighting overseas, and many other important subjects and activities. I am humbled and honored to see such inspiring contributions in response to what is a deceptively difficult question: “What are you thankful for?”

On behalf of the New York State Senate, I would like to offer my wholehearted congratulations to all of the participants in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration.


Andrew J. Lanza

2017 Submissions

IS 75 Frank D Paulo

6th Grade

Abigail Metelev an essay (pdf)


Allison Khutoryanski a poem (pdf)

Angelise DeLeon a work of art (pdf)

Angie Mekki a work of art (pdf)

Ariana Zakharov a work of art (pdf)

Audreyana Mulea an essay (pdf)

Briana Guaragno an essay (jpg)

Bryan Costello an essay (pdf)

Catherine Moakley a poem (pdf)

Charlotte Park a work of art (pdf)

Chase Dalcortivo an essay (pdf)

Chelsea Jones a poem (pdf)

Christopher Valentino a poem (jpg)

Daniel Chernov a poem (pdf)

Destiny an essay (pdf)

Domenico Sansalone a poem (pdf)

Dylan Sicari a work of art (pdf)

Elle Paradiso a work of art (jpg)

Elton Islamovski a poem (jpeg)

Emily an essay (pdf)

Emily Liu a poem (pdf)

Frank Surace an essay (pdf)

Gabriella Balsamo an essay (pdf)

Gabriella Florio an essay (txt)

Gabriella Gioia a work of art (jpg)

Gabrielle Go a poem (pdf)

George Bebawy an essay (pdf)

Gianna Chianese a work of art (jpg)

Gianna DeLessio an essay (pdf)

Grace Dalessio an essay (pdf)

Isabella Dryzga an essay (jpg)

Jacqueline Marra an essay (pdf)

James Adamo an essay (jpg)

James Demchuk an essay (jpg)

Jamie Gilliam a poem (jpg)

Jason Arale a work of art (jpg)

John Lee a poem (pdf)

JOHN TANZI an essay (pdf)

Jordan Chen an essay (pdf)

Jordan Cooper a poem (pdf)

Joseph Andrews an essay (pdf)

Joseph Becker an essay (pdf)

Joseph Hinz an essay (pdf)

Joseph Rice an essay (pdf)

JOSEPH URBANO an essay (pdf)

Joseph Zawatsky an essay (pdf)

Joshua Lokshin a poem (pdf)

Joshua Ramon a poem (pdf)

Justin Dorazio an essay (pdf)

Justin Guo a poem (pdf)

Kaitlyn Matishek a poem (pdf)

Kaitlyn Quinteros a poem (pdf)

Kate Emerich a work of art (png)

Keira Lau a work of art (pdf)

Klara Kokushta an essay (pdf)

Klea Andoni a poem (pdf)

Klea Andoni a poem (docx)

Leonardo Santos an essay (pdf)

Loliette Penaranda an essay (jpg)

Lori Gallo an essay (pdf)

Lucas Julian an essay (pdf)

Lucien Amos a work of art (jpg)

Maria Atalla a work of art (pdf)

Maria Estrada a work of art (jpg)

Marianna Mikheyeva a poem (pdf)

Mathias Meza an essay (pdf)

Matthew Carbnaro a poem (pdf)

Mia Sorcigli a work of art (jpg)

Michael Eisler an essay (pdf)

Michael Flashner an essay (jpg)

Nicholas Gromowski a poem (pdf)

Nick Barra an essay (pdf)

Nikolas Profita a work of art (pdf)

Oleksabdr Khodak a poem (pdf)

Oliver Sanchez an essay (pdf)

Olivia Rijo an essay (pdf)

Pat Bennardo an essay (jpg)

Perla Abdou an essay (pdf)

Peter Astarbi an essay (jpg)

Philp an essay (pdf)

Rachel Goldberg a work of art (jpg)

Rosalia Raggi a poem (pdf)

Sabrina Kraker an essay (pdf)

Samantha Filippini a work of art (jpg)

Samantha Percaccio an essay (pdf)

Senali Galagedara a poem (txt)

Sianna Velasquez a work of art (pdf)

Sofia Angelino an essay (pdf)

Stephen Doty an essay (pdf)

Stephen Scotto a work of art (jpg)

Terence Chan an essay (pdf)

Tyler Tricarico a work of art (pdf)

VICTORIA DESYLVA an essay (pdf)

Zara Khawaja a work of art (pdf)

Our Lady Star Of The Sea School

5th Grade

Angelina an essay (pdf)

Matteo Beach an essay (jpeg)

Nicolette an essay (pdf)

PS 30 Westerleigh

4th Grade

Kiersten Dalton a poem (pdf)

PS 4 Maurice Wollin

5th Grade

Anna Gormely a work of art (docx)

Lillian Wilson a poem (docx)

PS 48 William G Wilcox

2nd Grade

Benjamin David Groysman a work of art (pdf)

Christopher Flory an essay (pdf)

Elise Hanna an essay (jpg)

Jolene Wong an essay (pdf)

Josephine Wong an essay (pdf)

kennedy D'Anna a work of art (jpg)

Matthew Long an essay (pdf)

Mia Kogan a poem (pdf)

Vittoria and Kennedy D'Anna a work of art (jpg)

Vittoria D'Anna a work of art (jpg)

Saint Christopher School


Antonia S a work of art (jpg)

Camila R a work of art (jpg)

Grace B a work of art (jpg)

1st Grade

Fatima M a work of art (jpg)

Jakub M a work of art (jpg)

James M a work of art (jpg)

Samuel V a work of art (jpg)

2nd Grade

Abigail B a work of art (jpg)

Alessia M a work of art (jpg)

Caitlin Rose D a work of art (jpg)

Madison M a work of art (jpg)

Paula A a work of art (jpg)

5th Grade

Isabella B a work of art (jpg)

Nicole K a work of art (jpg)

Ryan S a work of art (jpg)

6th Grade

Giuliana D a work of art (jpg)

Julissa Z a work of art (jpg)

Phoenix D a work of art (jpg)

Sara M a work of art (jpg)

Victoria D a work of art (jpg)

Saint Patrick School

1st Grade

andrew a work of art (pdf)

Argentina a work of art (pdf)

Austin a work of art (pdf)

ava a work of art (pdf)

ava a work of art (pdf)

Brendan a work of art (pdf)

christian a work of art (pdf)

Ella Sarcana an essay (pdf)

Faith a work of art (pdf)

Gianna a work of art (pdf)

Giovanni a work of art (pdf)

Gracie a work of art (pdf)

Gracie Deebs a work of art (pdf)

Guillana a work of art (pdf)

isabella an essay (pdf)

jackson a work of art (pdf)

James a work of art (pdf)

John a work of art (pdf)

Lauren a work of art (pdf)

Lucas a work of art (pdf)

milana a work of art (pdf)

Patrick Caputo a work of art (pdf)

Sophia a work of art (pdf)

vincent a work of art (pdf)

2nd Grade

Adrianna Cook a work of art (pdf)

Angela Leszina a work of art (pdf)

Ella Martin a work of art (pdf)

Francesca D'Agostino a work of art (pdf)

Giada Gagliardotto a work of art (pdf)

Guiseppe Balzano a work of art (pdf)

James Rinaldi a work of art (pdf)

John Gutierrez a work of art (pdf)

Michael Makar a work of art (pdf)

Nico Scarso a work of art (pdf)

Olivia Sarcona a work of art (pdf)

3rd Grade

Angelique C. a work of art (pdf)

John C. an essay (pdf)

Keira Mc. an essay (pdf)

Nicholas B. a work of art (pdf)

Victoria L. a poem (pdf)

4th Grade

Amber Martin a work of art (pdf)

Charlie Ellis a work of art (pdf)

Fallon Tzoulis a poem (pdf)

Lilliana Cognato a work of art (pdf)

Lilly Abbadesa a work of art (pdf)

Loriana Lanza an essay (pdf)

Mikayla Iannici an essay (pdf)

Olivia Rossi a poem (pdf)

Sebastian Georges an essay (pdf)

Thomas Sabbio a poem (pdf)

5th Grade

Christian Sarcona an essay (pdf)

Francesco Lamberti an essay (pdf)

Grace Buono an essay (pdf)

Isabella Gramegna an essay (pdf)

Lianna Vaccaro a poem (pdf)

6th Grade

Fiona Caputo a work of art (pdf)

Francesca Scire an essay (pdf)

Franco Collela a poem (pdf)

Giana Puleo an essay (pdf)

Guiliana Westgate an essay (pdf)

Isabella DiCostanza a poem (pdf)

Michael Galante a poem (pdf)

Nicholas Pluchino a poem (pdf)

Sophia Romeo an essay (pdf)

Victoria Cutillo a poem (pdf)

Victoria Dagostino an essay (pdf)

Saint Teresa School


Lora D'Antonio a work of art (jpg)

Maria Deforest a work of art (jpg)

1st Grade

Ava Flynn a work of art (jpg)

Natalina Canterino a work of art (jpg)

2nd Grade

Kayleigh Eisenhardt a work of art (jpg)

Matthew Walker a work of art (jpg)

3rd Grade

Isabella Oliveras a work of art (jpg)

Liam Wilcox a work of art (jpg)

Olivia Mileski a work of art (jpg)

4th Grade

Chloe Yuen a work of art (jpg)

James Hutchinson a work of art (jpg)

5th Grade

Liliana Bilotti a work of art (jpg)

Madeline Cuddy a work of art (jpg)

6th Grade

Catherine Smith a work of art (jpg)

Meghan Clark a work of art (jpg)

Natalie DePeppo a work of art (jpg)

Shannon Smith a work of art (jpg)

The Barbara Esselborn School

3rd Grade

Justin Rende an essay (pdf)

5th Grade

Megan Lutz an essay (pdf)

VANESSA MAGUIRE a work of art (jpg)

The PS 3 Margaret Gioiosa School

3rd Grade

Adriano Hayes an essay (jpg)

Elijah Schmerhold a poem (docx)

John a work of art (jpeg)

Lola Pizzarello a work of art (jpg)

Rachel Mikhael an essay (pdf)

Samantha Tesoriero a poem (docx)

Serena Salerno an essay (docx)

5th Grade

Adrian Mlynarski an essay (pdf)

Aidan Boni a poem (pdf)

Andrew Zaugg an essay (pdf)

Anthony Faulisi an essay (docx)

Anthony Macaluso an essay (pdf)

ANTHONY MCMAHON a poem (pdf)

Anthony Mungo Jr. a poem (pdf)

Antonio Brittain a poem (pdf)

Anya Goloubev a poem (pdf)

Ariana Perelman an essay (pdf)

Ava Rita Tesoriero a poem (docx)

Ava Sutter a poem (pdf)

Ben Wilson an essay (pdf)

Brandon Marin an essay (docx)

Carmine Ragucci a poem (pdf)

Chelsea Chin an essay (pdf)

Christian Genova an essay (docx)

Christian Mlynarski an essay (pdf)

Dante DiVita an essay (pdf)

Emma Polishchukov an essay (docx)

Ethan Ly an essay (pdf)

Evannie Castillo a poem (pdf)

Giovanni D'Angelo a poem (pdf)

Giuliana Scire an essay (pdf)

Guiseppe Mannino an essay (docx)

Hailey Schettino a poem (pdf)

Isabella Barbarino an essay (docx)

Isabella Chiovaro a poem (pdf)

Jake a poem (pdf)

John Doe a poem (pdf)

John Simpson an essay (pdf)

Joseph Calabro a poem (pdf)

Joseph Finamore an essay (pdf)

Joseph Gioeni an essay (pdf)

Joseph Katz an essay (docx)

Joseph Scala a poem (pdf)

Joseph Sgammato an essay (pdf)

Julia Squillacioti a poem (pdf)

Julianna Ferrara an essay (pdf)

Justine Lyle a poem (pdf)

Kayla Goldman an essay (doc)

Kevin K an essay (pdf)

Matthew cosgriff an essay (png)

Matthew Tsyrulnik an essay (pdf)

Maya Welson an essay (docx)

Mia an essay (pdf)

Michael Finamore an essay (pdf)

Morgan Miller an essay (pdf)

Nicholas Nunziante a poem (pdf)

Olivia Grant an essay (docx)

Raneem Suleiman an essay (docx)

Ryan Patras a poem (pdf)

Ryan Zeh an essay (pdf)

sarah florkiewicz a poem (pdf)

Silvia Sereno an essay (txt)

Sofia Colletti an essay (docx)

Victoria Randazzo an essay (pdf)

Vince Mazzarella a poem (pdf)

Walter Lawler an essay (pdf)

Wesley Lam a poem (pdf)

William Ruiz a poem (pdf)

The PS 35 Clove Valley School

5th Grade

The three fifth grade classes a work of art (jpg)