2018 Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration

Dear Participant,

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. We received outstanding poems, essays, and artwork that exemplify the creativity of New York State’s young people.

The submissions received are remarkable in what they represent – showing gratitude and respect for family, friends, our troops fighting overseas, and many other important subjects and activities. I am humbled and honored to see such inspiring contributions in response to what is a deceptively difficult question: “What are you thankful for?”

On behalf of the New York State Senate, I would like to offer my wholehearted congratulations to all of the participants in this year’s Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration.


Kenneth P. LaValle

2018 Submissions

East Moriches Elementary School

1st Grade

Grace Chornoma an essay (jpeg)

East Moriches School

5th Grade

Class 501 a work of art (pdf)

Hampton Bays Elementary School


Annabel Ramsay a work of art (jpg)

Avery Cinalli a work of art (jpg)

Eain Ruiz a work of art (jpg)

Ivanna Maradiaga Franco a work of art (jpg)

Maria Sanchez Montoya a work of art (jpg)

Mary Cruz Garcia a work of art (jpg)

1st Grade

Dylan Patino a work of art (jpg)

Eli Scudder a work of art (jpg)

Esma Djulamerovic a work of art (jpg)

Mia Soledad a work of art (jpg)

Natalee Gettling a work of art (jpg)

Simon Benjumea Marin a work of art (jpg)

2nd Grade

Annie Correa a work of art (jpg)

Cayden McMahon a work of art (jpg)

Diego Guzman a work of art (jpg)

Louise Brumagim a work of art (jpg)

Natasha Astudillo Sanchez a work of art (pdf)

Samantha Quesada Segura a work of art (jpg)

Sebastian Giraldo-Ortiz a work of art (jpg)

3rd Grade

Adriana Armijos an essay (jpg)

Alejandra Montoya an essay (jpg)

Jack DeBenedette an essay (jpg)

Jennifer Calleja an essay (jpg)

Noemi Urbano an essay (jpg)

Reily Lopez an essay (jpg)

4th Grade

Andrew Guevara Solano an essay (pdf)

Ashley Tallon an essay (jpg)

Chrismeidy an essay (jpg)

Jasmine De Jesus a poem (jpg)

Julissa Rubio an essay (jpg)

Kiarra O'Hagan an essay (jpg)

Lee Brumagim an essay (jpg)

John F Kennedy Middle School

6th Grade

Carlos D. a work of art (jpg)

Carlos D. a poem (jpg)

Christopher R. a poem (pdf)

Christopher R. a poem (jpg)

Elvis M. an essay (docx)

Gerson S. an essay (docx)

Josue H. a work of art (jpg)

Josue T. a work of art (jpg)

Keyli D. a work of art (png)

Keyli D. an essay (pdf)

Leandro D. an essay (docx)

Luis A. an essay (pdf)

Luis B. an essay (pdf)

Yunior A. a work of art (jpg)

Zulal A. an essay (docx)

Zulal A. a work of art (pdf)

Montauk School

4th Grade

Bianna Garces a poem (docx)

Bryce Prado a poem (docx)

Fisher Forsberg a poem (docx)

Jack Mugica a poem (docx)

5th Grade

Jayla Hutton a poem (docx)

Liann Valentin an essay (pdf)

Maryjane Vickers a poem (docx)

Riley Welsch a poem (docx)

Sabrina Texis a poem (pdf)

Our Lady Of The Hamptons Regional School

3rd Grade

Aliah Donohoe an essay (docx)

Ariana Tapie-Romero an essay (docx)

Arianna Lynch an essay (docx)

Ava Lynch an essay (docx)

Christopher Ward an essay (docx)

Estee Phair an essay (docx)

Eva Vijfvinkel an essay (docx)

Grace Gonzalez an essay (docx)

Grace McCormack an essay (docx)

Hailey Sulph an essay (docx)

Ignatius Fulweiler an essay (docx)

Jaysen Jimenez an essay (docx)

Jolie David an essay (docx)

Kai Gomolka an essay (docx)

Maeve Springer an essay (docx)

Maria Muresan an essay (docx)

Mia Vijfvinkel an essay (docx)

Olivia Caruso an essay (docx)

Olivia Robertson an essay (docx)

Quinn Cameron an essay (docx)

Richard Roberts an essay (docx)

Ruby Boeding an essay (docx)

Sofia Halhoul an essay (docx)

Thomas Sandoval an essay (docx)

Remsenburg-Speonk Elementary School

5th Grade

Abigail Bigora a work of art (jpg)

Ana Way/ Eleanor Greiner a work of art (jpg)

Brady Schultz a work of art (jpg)

Paige Feil a work of art (jpg)

Scarlett Maag a work of art (jpg)

Tess Ashley/ Sienna Meyer a work of art (jpg)

Zach Berger/ Truman Hahn a work of art (jpg)

Zach Guerra/ Jack Glover a work of art (jpg)

Tuckahoe School

4th Grade

Abraham Espinal a poem (docx)

Alex Zamora a poem (docx)

Angelie Pino a poem (docx)

Ashley Pacheco a poem (docx)

Brandon Aquino a poem (docx)

Camille Hancock a poem (docx)

Denise Bernal a poem (docx)

Diego Ramirez a poem (docx)

Francesca Basile a poem (docx)

Jacob Calderon a poem (docx)

Jimmy Reyes a poem (docx)

Kayla Bowen a poem (docx)

Kaylee Grigo a poem (docx)

Kelly Urbano a poem (docx)

Leslie Lliguin a poem (docx)

Manuela Arias a poem (docx)

Marin Schwartz a poem (docx)

Nyia Montes a poem (docx)

Piper Shearer a poem (docx)

Riley Cameron a poem (docx)

Shelby Cruz a poem (docx)

William Floyd Middle School

6th Grade

Adelaida Amaya Alvarez a poem (jpg)

Aisha Barrie a poem (docx)

Elena Pirro a work of art (jpg)

Valery Iglesias an essay (jpg)