Your Ideas

@NYSenate asks YOU to share your ideas on how New York State can be better using Crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing tools leverage the "wisdom of crowds." By creating a forum where large numbers of people can submit ideas and vote on them, a crowdsourcing application can gather new ideas from beyond the walls of the Capitol to make the Senate a more effective lawmaking body. Crowdsourcing will be used by the Senate's Policy group to tap into the public to generate ideas and feedback on certain legislation. By doing so, the Senate will encourage citizen participation in the legislative process.

Be it Property Taxes, Ethics Reform or Campaign Finance the New York Senate wants to hear what YOU have to say. Share you ideas on Crowdsourcing "portals" below.

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Campaign Finance

The Senate recognizes the need to reform our state's campaign finance laws in order to restore public trust in government and allow elected officials to focus on public needs rather than special interests. We're considering a number of proposed reforms, including proposals to create a system of voluntary public financing, and we're interested in your ideas and thoughts on how campaign finance reform should work in New York.


Property Taxes

Property tax rates are driven by local expenses for schools, roads, health care, and other services. Many of these funding decisions are made at the local level, and they directly impact property and school tax levels. The New York Senate is working on ways to help New Yorkers cope with high property taxes - and we need your ideas.


Ethics Reform

Public office is a public trust. State Senators hold office to represent the interests of their constituents and the public at large, and are supported by public officers and employees. The public has a right to expect all public officers and employees to exercise sound judgment in performing their duties. The Senate recognizes the need for reforming the state's ethics laws, which also includes campaign finance reforms and we're interested in your ideas and thoughts on how ethics reform should work in New York.