About the Legislative Cable Channel


Now you can watch unedited gavel-to-gavel coverage of Senate sessions and other legislative proceedings from our video archives or on most local cable systems. For a complete listing of times, visit our Legislative Cable Channel calendar.

Channel Listing

Cable System Franchise (if applicable) Channel
Cablevision (Downstate) NYC (Bronx, Kings), Cross River, Dutchess, Ossining, Port Chester, Ramapo, Rockland, South Westchester, Wappingers Falls, Warwick, Yonkers, Yorktown (North and South), Brookhaven, Great Neck, Hauppauge, Lawrence/Lynbrook, Long Island and Riverhead 116
Cablevision Mid-Hudson 108
Charter Cable Plattsburg 100
MTC-Cable 10
Time Warner Albany 83
Time Warner Auburn 83
Time Warner Binghamton 83
Time Warner Buffalo 83
Time Warner Dunkirk 83
Time Warner Glens Falls 83
Time Warner Hudson Valley/Liberty Liberty, Mt. Vernon, Newburgh 159
Time Warner Lackawanna 83
Time Warner New York City NYC (Kings, New York, Queens and Richmond) 159
Time Warner Olean 83
Time Warner Penn Yann 83
Time Warner Rochester 83
Time Warner Syracuse Baldwinsville, Carthage, Champlain, Cortland, Fulton, Ithaca, Malone, Massena, Ogdensburg, Oswego, Potsdam, Rome/Oneida, Ilion/Hamilton, Syracuse, Watertown 83
Time Warner Utica 83
Time Warner Westfield 83
Comcast Putnam County   185
Mid-Hudson Cablevision   108
Charter Cable Plattsburg   100
MTC-Cable (part time)   10
List subject to change Information provided by CTANY (Cable Telecommunications Association of New York, Inc.) Updated November 29, 2012