Home Rule Form

This electronic form is provided for the convenience of local governments wishing to submit a Home Rule request.

The Home Rule form can be downloaded using the link below.

1.  Please follow all instructions listed on the following page pertaining to the home rule form.

2.  When printing be sure to adjust the document’s printer properties to make sure it is designated to 8 1/2 x 14, legal size paper.  The text of the form must be formatted to resemble the original blue home rule forms.   

3.  The form must contain original signatures on each copy. NO auto signatures, signature stamps or photocopies of signatures will be accepted.

4.  The form must contain original seals on each copy.

5.  Any changes to the chief executive officers signature or the clerk’s certification must be initialed.

6.  If any of these requirements are NOT followed, the forms will be rejected.

Home Rule Form.pdf