Join Us for a Panel Discussion About Protecting Children on the Internet

Join us for an insightful and crucial discussion on child online safety and privacy, featuring State Senator Andrew Gounardes, Attorney General Tish James, and founder of the #HalfTheStory Project Larissa May

Moderated by New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg, the panel will delve into the current dangers posed by social media companies, their predatory actions, and their profound impact on the well-being of children and teens growing up while having their every move tracked, stored, cataloged, and used by the largest and most powerful companies on earth. With lawmakers across the country attempting to reign in the growing industry, discover how New York is at the forefront of curbing two of the most harmful practices for our children: addictive algorithms and data collection. Whether you’re a parent navigating the online world with your kids, a policy enthusiast, or a concerned member of the general public, this discussion promises valuable insight from three panelists, each dedicated to fostering a safer social media environment for the next generation.

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