Senator Boyle's Senior ID Program

It is vitally important to ensure that our senior citizen residents have all of the necessary information about their health and identity readily available, prior to an emergency situation where it would be crucial.  That is why Senator Phil Boyle will be hosting a FREE Senior Citizens’ Photo ID Card Program in conjunction with the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office.

This special ID Card Program is designed to assist senior citizens with providing important information about themselves in the case of an emergency.  Interested senior citizens can provide pertinent information such as their medical ailments, name, address and phone number of their doctors and emergency family contacts.  In addition, each senior will have a photo taken that will be affixed to the card.  The photo and data will be placed onto a durable ID card that will fit neatly into a wallet, purse, billfold or pocket.

The program is FREE of charge to anyone over the age of 60.  All seniors wanting to take advantage of getting a card must bring identification for verification.

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