One on One With Your Senator

As your State Senator, I believe that I should always be readily available to my constituents and offer valuable information and resources when it becomes available. That is why I am bringing my o­ffice directly to you with my “One-on-One With Your Senator” program.

As part of the program, local residents who need assistance with government services, have questions about government programs, or would like to express concerns about a particular issue can share them with me in a one-on-one setting. Additionally, my staff will be available to offer assistance to anyone who is interested in researching the State Comptroller’s data base for unclaimed funds.  This could be a financially beneficial service to you or a loved one if you ever…

  • Moved without notifying everyone with whom you do business of your new address.
  • Opened a savings account and forgot about it.
  • Moved without getting your utility deposit refund.
  • Forgot to cash a health insurance, security interest or dividend check.
  • Left a job and never went back to get your last paycheck.

For additional information on Unclaimed Funds, please visit my website at:

Members of my staff will be on-hand with computers to assist anyone who is interested in researching the data-base for funds that may belong to them and assist in retrieval if appropriate.

I look forward to seeing you at the East Islip Public Library on Thursday, June 20, 2019.  For questions or additional information, please contact my District Office at (631) 665-2311.

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