13 Feb 2012

Senate Session 02-13-12

NYS Capitol Building

New York State Capitol Building 172 State Street, Senate Chambers Albany 12247

3:00 PM to 3:34 PM Archived Video

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Active List Monday February 13, 2012  

Cal No. Bill No. Sponsor Title
35 S5880A HANNON Designates tramadol as a schedule III narcotic drug, and eliminates certain hydrocodone compounds from the list of schedule III narcotic drugs; repealer
62 S3210B MARTINS Relates to the criminal sale of a controlled substance to a person less than fourteen years of age
65 S6066 HANNON Establishes the class B felony of criminal sale of a controlled substance by a practitioner or pharmacist
148 S2728C FUSCHILLO Subtracts from federal adjusted gross income qualified transportation fringe benefits
149 S4241A LARKIN Authorizes roadside farm markets to sell wine from up to two farm, special or micro-wineries located within 20 miles
153 S6063A DEFRANCISCO Eliminates an employer's annual notice requirement
154 S924A MARCELLINO Relates to increasing penalties for first, second, third and fourth degree stalking
156 S1620 SAMPSON Relates to creating a hazard
157 S1746 GOLDEN Provides that no person convicted of certain felonies may not file for change of name while incarcerated or under supervised release therefor
158 S1826 SKELOS Requires that persons convicted of rape in the first degree against different victims or the same victim serve sentence consecutively
159 S2141A BONACIC Prohibits the throwing, tossing, expectorating or expelling of saliva or other bodily secretion or excretion at or on an employee of a correctional facility
160 S4092 SALAND Expands the definition of victim for purposes of making statements at sentencing to allow more than one relative to speak
161 S5260C HANNON Relates to criminal diversion of prescription medications and prescriptions, establishing certain other offenses related thereto
163 S4124 RANZENHOFER Prohibits certain persons from controlling the disposition of a decedent's remains
166 S6271 HANNON Directs the Medicaid inspector general to publish all administrative law decisions from an appeal by his or her office

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