1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Alcoholic Beverage Control
  4. Article 5: Special Provisions Relating to Liquor

Section 63 Seven day license to sell liquor at retail for consumption off the premises

Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC)

Seven day license to sell liquor at retail for consumption off the premises. 1. Any person may make an application to the appropriate board for a seven day license to sell liquor at retail not to be consumed upon the premises where sold. Such application shall be in such form and shall contain such information as shall be required by the rules of the liquor authority and shall be accompanied by a check or draft in the amount required by this article for such license.

  1-a. The liquor authority shall convert all current licenses to sell liquor at retail for consumption off the premises to seven day licenses to sell liquor at retail for consumption off the premises pursuant to subdivision four of section sixty of this article.

  2. Section fifty-four shall control so far as is applicable the procedure in connection with such applications.

  3. Such license shall in form and in substance be a license to the person specifically designated therein to sell liquor in the premises specifically licensed at retail for off-premise consumption and shall also include the privilege to sell wine under the same terms and conditions without the payment of any additional fee.

  4. No licensee under this section shall be engaged in any other business on the licensed premises. The sale of lottery tickets, when duly authorized and lawfully conducted, the sale of reusable bags as defined in section 27-2801 of the environmental conservation law, the sale of corkscrews or the sale of ice or the sale of publications, including prerecorded video and/or audio cassette tapes, or educational seminars, designed to help educate consumers in their knowledge and appreciation of alcoholic beverages, as defined in section three of this chapter and allowed pursuant to their license, or the sale of non-carbonated, non-flavored mineral waters, spring waters and drinking waters or the sale of glasses designed for the consumption of wine, racks designed for the storage of wine, and devices designed to minimize oxidation in bottles of wine which have been uncorked, or the sale of gift bags, gift boxes, or wrapping, for alcoholic beverages purchased at the licensed premises shall not constitute engaging in another business within the meaning of this subdivision. Any fee obtained from the sale of an educational seminar shall not be considered as a fee for any tasting that may be offered during an educational seminar, provided that such tastings are available to persons who have not paid to attend the seminar and all tastings are conducted in accordance with section sixty-three-a of this article.

  5. Not more than one license shall be granted to any person under this section.

  6. Determinations under this section with respect to the issuance of a new license or under section one hundred eleven with respect to the transfer to any other premises of a license issued hereunder, shall be made in accordance with public convenience and advantage.