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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Contents and time of answer
Abandoned Property (ABP) CHAPTER 1, ARTICLE 12
§ 1207. Contents and time of answer. For the purpose of reckoning the
time within which a respondent must appear or answer, service by
publication under this article is complete on the twenty-eighth day
after the date of first publication. Any respondent, or any person
making claim to any of the property or funds described in the petition,
shall have sixty days after completion of service within which to
appear, and the time for all further proceedings shall be as prescribed
for proceedings in the supreme court. The answer shall be verified,
shall set forth the true name, residence and business address, if any,
of the claiming respondent, and shall set forth in full detail the basis
of the claim and the respondent's claim of title thereto.