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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Arts and Cultural Affairs (ACA) CHAPTER 11-C, TITLE B, ARTICLE 10
§ 10.07. Objectives. The Institute for the Hudson River Collection

1. Take steps to develop, enhance, stimulate and facilitate public and
private study and appreciation and interpretation of the heritage,
legacy and patrimony of the Hudson river area.

2. Support research, publications, educational programs and artistic
works interpreting the cultural and natural history of the Hudson river
valley and advise and assist any state department, board, bureau,
commission or other agency, or political subdivision of the state, in
the preparation and distribution of publications by such agencies
concerning the Hudson river area.

3. Facilitate statewide, interstate and international collaborations
and exchange programs of art, artists and scholars on the Hudson river
school of painting and the art history of the Hudson river valley.

4. Maintain and make accessible a comprehensive record of the artistic
and cultural materials that document the heritage of the Hudson river

5. Contract with other cultural institutions for the management of
projects which it initiates or facilitates.

6. Accept and disburse private and public grants, gifts, contributions
and bequests made in furtherance of its purposes.

7. Conduct such surveys as may be necessary, required or appropriate
of the public and private institutions and individuals engaged in
cultural and artistic activities in the Hudson river area, and make
recommendations on means to encourage and expand public and private
interest in the Hudson river area.

8. Hold public hearings on matters pertinent or appropriate to its

9. Enter into contracts, within the amounts appropriated therefor
pursuant to section ninety-two-q of the state finance law, with
individuals, organizations and institutions for cooperative endeavors
furthering the cultural and artistic interests of the Hudson river area
and the objectives stated in this article.

10. Establish a New York state Hudson river art collection composed of
public and private holdings. The institute shall catalogue works of art
in the New York state Hudson river art collection.

11. Make and sign any agreements and do and perform any acts
necessary, desirable or appropriate to carry out the purposes of this