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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Trade-mark defined
Arts and Cultural Affairs (ACA) CHAPTER 11-C, TITLE K, ARTICLE 33
§ 33.01. Trade-mark defined. A "trade-mark" is a mark used to indicate
the maker, owner or seller of an article of merchandise, and includes,
among other things, any name of a person, or corporation, or any letter,
word, device, emblem, figure, seal, stamp, diagram, brand, wrapper,
ticket, stopper, label, or other mark, lawfully adopted by him, and
usually affixed to an article of merchandise to denote that the same was
imported, manufactured, produced, sold, compounded, bottled, packed or
otherwise prepared by him; and also a signature or mark, used or
commonly placed by a painter, sculptor or other artist, upon a painting,
drawing, engraving, statue or other work of art, to indicate that the
same was designed or executed by him.