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Powers and duties
Alternative County Government (ACG) CHAPTER 11-B, ARTICLE 4
§ 155. Powers and duties. 1. The county executive, except as otherwise
provided by this chapter or by other law, shall:

(a) Be the administrative head of the county government.

(b) Have supervision, direction and control over governmental
functions of all administrative units of the county.

(c) Have and exercise all functions, powers and duties of budget
officer under article seven of the county law.

(d) Do and perform such additional acts, duties and governmental
functions as may be delegated to him by county act.

(e) Report to the board of supervisors annually on or before the first
day of February, a statement of the activities of the several
administrative units of the county during the preceding fiscal year in
such detail as the board of supervisors shall direct.

(f) See that all laws of the state and all county acts pertaining to
the administration of county government are enforced.

(g) Report to the board of supervisors the failure of any county
officer or other official paid from county funds, or the head of any
administrative unit, institution or other county agency to enforce any
law or county act which such official has been charged to perform.

(h) Examine and approve or disapprove the form and sufficiency of
sureties on official bonds and undertakings.

(i) Report to the board of supervisors the removal of any appointive
officer or employee of the county in the manner and within the time
prescribed by local law.

(j) Present to the board of supervisors, from time to time, such
information concerning the affairs of the county as he may deem
necessary or as the board of supervisors by county act may request.

(k) Attend meetings of the board of supervisors if he so desires or is
requested by the board of supervisors so to do.

2. When delegated to him by county act, the county executive shall
have and exercise the following functions, powers and duties: (a) to
coordinate the various activities of the county and unify the management
of its affairs; (b) to cause an audit and examination to be made of the
books, records and papers of any administrative unit of the county and
of any county officer or other official paid from county funds and
report thereon to the board of supervisors with all convenient speed;
and (c) to supervise the administration of all functions transferred to
the county from units of local government and make recommendations
thereon to the board of supervisors.