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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Terms of elective county officials not to be abridged
Alternative County Government (ACG) CHAPTER 11-B, ARTICLE 2
§ 57. Terms of elective county officials not to be abridged. The term
of office of an elective county official shall not be abridged by reason
of the approval of any question providing for the adoption in the first
instance of an alternative form of county government or modification,
change or abandonment, of any such form previously adopted. If an
elective official of the county is continued in office after his office
is abolished, he shall perform such related duties for the remainder of
his term, unless a vacancy otherwise occurs, as may be assigned to him:
(1) in case of the modification or change of an existing form of county
government, by the county executive; or (2) in case of the abandonment
of an existing form, by the board of supervisors of the county. He shall
be paid a compensation to be fixed by the board of supervisors and paid
by the county.