1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Business Corporation
  4. Article 11: Judicial Dissolution

Section 1106 Order to show cause; issuance; publication, service, filing

Business Corporation (BSC)

  (a) Upon the presentation of such a petition, the court shall make an order requiring the corporation and all persons interested in the corporation to show cause before it, or before a referee designated in the order, at a time and place therein specified, not less than four weeks after the granting of the order, why the corporation should not be dissolved. In connection therewith, the court may order the corporation, its officers and directors, to furnish the court with a schedule of all information, known or ascertainable with due diligence by them, deemed pertinent by the court, including a statement of the corporate assets and liabilities, and the name and address of each shareholder and of each creditor and claimant, including any with unliquidated or contingent claims and any with whom the corporation has unfulfilled contracts.

  (b) A copy of the order to show cause shall be published as prescribed therein, at least once in each of the three weeks before the time appointed for the hearing thereon, in one or more newspapers, specified in the order, of general circulation in the county in which the office of the corporation is located at the date of the order.

  (c) A copy of the order to show cause shall be served upon the state tax commission and the corporation and upon each person named in the petition, or in any schedule provided for in paragraph (a), as a shareholder, creditor or claimant, except upon a person whose address is stated to be unknown, and cannot with due diligence be ascertained by the corporation. The service shall be made personally, at least ten days before the time appointed for the hearing, or by mailing a copy of the order, postage prepaid, at least twenty days before the time so appointed, addressed to the person to be served at his last known address.

  (d) A copy of the order to show cause and the petition shall be filed, within ten days after the order is entered, with the clerk of the county where the office of the corporation is located at the date of the order. A copy of each schedule furnished to the court under this section shall, within ten days thereafter, be filed with such clerk.

  (e) Publication, service and filing provided for in this section shall be effected by the corporation or such other persons as the court may order.