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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Annual statement
Business Corporation (BSC) CHAPTER 4, ARTICLE 15-A
§ 1531. Annual statement.

Each foreign professional service corporation shall, at least once of
each year on or before the date prescribed by the licensing authority,
furnish a statement to the licensing authority listing the name and
residence address of each shareholder, director, officer and corporate
employee licensed by such licensing authority and certifying that such
individuals intending to practice a profession which such foreign
professional service corporation is authorized to practice in this state
are licensed to practice said profession in this state. In the case of a
foreign professional service corporation providing health services, such
statement shall also certify that each shareholder, officer and director
of the corporation is licensed to practice said profession in this
state. The statement shall be signed by the president or any
vice-president of the corporation and attested to by the secretary or
any assistant secretary of the corporation.