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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Business Corporation (BSC) CHAPTER 4, ARTICLE 16
§ 1604. Enforcement.

(a) The attorney general may conduct such investigation as he deems
necessary concerning any takeover bid for the purpose of determining
compliance with the requirements of this article. As part of such
investigation the attorney general may require persons to file
statements in writing and under oath with his office, subpoena
witnesses, compel their attendance, examine them under oath and require
the production of books, records, documents and papers.

(b) In the event the attorney general determines that any person is
violating or about to violate any provision of this article, or any
order, rule or regulation issued pursuant thereto, he may seek, in a
court of competent jurisdiction, an injunction temporarily or
permanently barring that person from making or taking part in or
continuing a takeover bid or from taking up or paying for shares
tendered by offerees pursuant to a takeover bid, and the court may grant
the relief applied for or so much thereof as it may deem proper.