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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Registered agent for service of process
Business Corporation (BSC) CHAPTER 4, ARTICLE 3
§ 305. Registered agent for service of process.

(a) In addition to such designation of the secretary of state, every
domestic corporation or authorized foreign corporation may designate a
registered agent in this state upon whom process against such
corporation may be served. The agent shall be a natural person who is a
resident of or has a business address in this state or a domestic
corporation or foreign corporation of any type or kind formed, or
authorized to do business in this state, under this chapter or under any
other statute of this state.

(b) Any such designation of a registered agent may be made, revoked or
changed as provided in this chapter.

(c) A registered agent may resign as such agent. A certificate,
entitled "Certificate of resignation of registered agent of ..........
(name of designating corporation) under section 305 of the Business
Corporation Law", shall be signed by him and delivered to the department
of state. It shall set forth:

(1) That he resigns as registered agent for the designating

(2) The date the certificate of incorporation or the application for
authority of the designating corporation was filed by the department of

(3) That he has sent a copy of the certificate of resignation by
registered mail to the designating corporation at the post office
address on file in the department of state specified for the mailing of
process or if such address is the address of the registered agent, then
to the office of the designating corporation in the jurisdiction of its
formation or incorporation.

(d) The designation of a registered agent shall terminate thirty days
after the filing by the department of state of a certificate of
resignation or a certificate containing a revocation or change of the
designation, whichever is filed earlier. A certificate designating a new
registered agent may be delivered to the department of state by the
corporation within the thirty days or thereafter.