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Business Corporation (BSC) CHAPTER 4

Section 601. By-laws.

602. Meetings of shareholders.

603. Special meeting for election of directors.

604. Fixing record date.

605. Notice of meetings of shareholders.

606. Waivers of notice.

607. List of shareholders at meetings.

608. Quorum of shareholders.

609. Proxies.

610. Selection of inspectors at shareholders' meetings.

611. Duties of inspectors at shareholders' meetings.

612. Qualification of voters.

613. Limitations on right to vote.

614. Vote of shareholders.

615. Written consent of shareholders, subscribers or

incorporators without a meeting.

616. Greater requirement as to quorum and vote of shareholders.

617. Voting by class or classes of shares.

618. Cumulative voting.

619. Powers of supreme court respecting elections.

620. Agreements as to voting; provision in certificate of

incorporation as to control of directors.

621. Voting trust agreements.

622. Preemptive rights.

623. Procedure to enforce shareholder's right to receive payment

for shares.

624. Books and records; right of inspection, prima facie


625. Infant shareholders and bondholders.

626. Shareholders' derivative action brought in the right of the

corporation to procure a judgment in its favor.

627. Security for expenses in shareholders' derivative action

brought in the right of the corporation to procure a

judgment in its favor.

628. Liability of subscribers and shareholders.

629. Certain transfers or assignments by shareholders or

subscribers; effect.

630. Liability of shareholders for wages due to laborers,

servants or employees.