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This entry was published on 2016-04-15
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Regulation of conduct of matches or exhibitions
Boxing, Sparring and Wrestling Ch. 912/20 (BSW) CHAPTER ROOT
* § 23. Regulation of conduct of matches or exhibitions. 1. No boxing
or sparring match or exhibition shall be of more than twelve rounds in
length, such rounds to be not more than three minutes each; and no boxer
shall be allowed to participate in more than twelve rounds within
seventy-two consecutive hours. The commission may in respect to any bout
or in respect to any class of contestants limit the number of rounds of
a bout within the maximum of twelve rounds. At each boxing or sparring
match or exhibition except where the exhibitions are held solely for
training purposes, there shall be in attendance a duly licensed referee
who shall direct and control the same. Before starting such contest the
referee shall ascertain from each contestant the name of his chief
second, and shall hold such chief second responsible for the conduct of
his assistant seconds during the progress of the contest. The commission
shall have power in its discretion to declare forfeited any prize,
remuneration or purse, or any part thereof, belonging to the contestants
or one of them, or the share thereof of any manager if in its judgment,
such contestant or contestants are not honestly competing or the
contestant or manager of a contestant, as the case may be, has committed
an act in the premises in violation of any rule, order or regulation of
the commission. The amount so forfeited shall be paid within forty-eight
hours to the commission. There shall also be in attendance, except where
the exhibitions are held solely for training purposes, three duly
licensed judges who shall at the termination of each such boxing or
sparring match or exhibition render their decision. The winner shall be
determined in accordance with a scoring system prescribed by the
commission. Each contestant shall wear, during such contest, gloves
weighing not less than eight ounces, unless otherwise directed by the
commission. Thumbless boxing gloves (or gloves with the thumb section
locked, fastened, tied or immovably set to the balance of the glove) of
a type approved by the commission shall be used in all boxing matches or
exhibitions, provided, however, that this requirement may be waived at
the discretion of the commission for championship matches of at least
twelve scheduled rounds.

2. The commission may by rule, regulation or order, require the
presence of any medical equipment and personnel at each boxing or
sparring match or exhibition as is necessary or beneficial for the
safety and protection of the contestants; and may also require the
presence of an ambulance or other apparatus at the site of any such
match or exhibition or the promulgation of an emergency medical plan in
lieu thereof.

3. The commission shall prescribe by rule or regulation the
responsibilities of managers, trainers and seconds prior to, during and
after a boxing or sparring match or exhibition in order to promote the
safety of the contestants at all times.

4. The commission shall require by rule or regulation that any
professional boxer licensed under this chapter present to a designated
commission official, before each match or exhibition in which he fights
in this state, a license which shall include but not be limited to the
following information: (a) the boxer's name, photograph, social security
number, date of birth, and other identifying information; (b) the
boxer's prior fight history including the dates, location, and decision
of such fights; (c) the boxer's medical history, relating to any
physical condition, medical test or procedure which relates to his
ability to fight, and a record of all medical suspensions.

5. The commission shall prescribe by rule or regulation the
unsportsmanlike practices prohibited in all boxing or sparring matches
or exhibitions, which shall include the practice of biting.

* NB Repealed September 1, 2016