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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Benevolent Orders (BVO) CHAPTER 3, ARTICLE 2
§ 7-a. Consolidation. Any two or more of the bodies enumerated in the
preceding section, having the same parent governing body, organized
under section two of this chapter may consolidate by taking such action
at any regular communication, convocation, encampment or other regular
meeting thereof, by whatever name known, held in accordance with the
constitution and general rules and regulations of the governing body to
which it is subordinate, and in conformity to its own by-laws, and shall
thereupon proceed to effect such organization in the manner provided for
in section two, as if neither body had heretofore been organized under
its provisions. When the certificate required to be filed by such body
in the office of the secretary of state under the provisions of this
article shall be so filed such separate bodies shall thereupon become
one body, and all the temporalities, and property, whether real or
personal, now vested in the trustees of each of the bodies so
consolidated, in accordance with the provisions of section three of this
chapter shall be vested in the trustees of the body formed by the
consolidation, which shall be subject to all the liabilities of the
former bodies to the same extent as if such liabilities had been
contracted or incurred by it.