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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Granting revocable permits
§ 100. Granting revocable permits. The corporation is hereby
authorized, in its discretion, to issue revocable permits granting
certain limited privileges therein, whenever the same can be done
without detriment to canal navigation or damage to the banks or other
structures thereof. It shall prescribe the terms and conditions by which
such revocable permits may be issued for the temporary use of canal
lands or structures and for the diversion of canal waters for sanitary,
farm purposes, or industrial use. It may also issue permits, as it shall
deem to be advantageous to the corporation, to any person, firm or
corporation, to cut, gather and haul away ice from the canals. Whenever
any space and facilities are available at any canal terminal and when no
detriment or injury to canal traffic or delay in handling same would
result, the corporation may issue a revocable permit for the temporary
and restricted use or occupancy, of such canal terminal and the
facilities thereof, pursuant to the rules and regulations which it may
prescribe. All permits heretofore granted by the corporation and not
canceled, are hereby legalized and confirmed and made effectual and
valid in accordance with the terms and conditions in said permit as
fully as if this chapter had been in force on the date of issuance of
such permit. No liability of any kind shall attach to or rest upon the
state, including the corporation, for any damage on account of the
granting or revocation of any permit. Existing permit holders within the
Adirondack park in compliance with the terms of permits which have been
properly issued pursuant to law shall continue to be afforded permits at
least until the first day of June, nineteen hundred ninety-four, unless
such permit holders fail to apply for permit renewal within six months
of the expiration of such existing or former permit or permits, or by
the first day of August, nineteen hundred ninety-three, whichever is
later; provided, however, that no additional development right or rights
may be included in any permit renewed prior to the first day of June,
nineteen hundred ninety-five. Any revenue realized from the issuance of
such permits shall be deposited into the canal fund.