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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Pipe lines crossing canals
§ 102. Pipe lines crossing canals. No pipe line shall be constructed
upon or across any of the canals of this state, except by the consent of
and in a manner and upon the terms prescribed by the corporation, unless
constructed upon a fixed bridge across such canal and with the consent
of the person, firm or corporation for whose benefit such bridge is
constructed and maintained, or upon such a bridge over the canal, at the
crossing of a public highway, or street, with the consent of the public
officers having the supervision thereof, or of the municipal authorities
of any village or city within whose limits such bridge may be, nor shall
the pipes of any such corporation be laid through, on or along the banks
of any of the canals of this state, unless such pipes shall be encased
so as to prevent leakage, in such manner as shall be approved by the