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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Delivery of property on discharge of employees
§ 113. Delivery of property on discharge of employees. Every person
employed upon the canal system and occupying any house, office,
building, or land belonging thereto, who is discharged from his
employment or otherwise separated from the service, and the spouse and
family of every such person, shall deliver to the corporation or a
person designated by it, the possession of the premises so occupied and
of all books, papers, matters or other articles and things belonging to
the canal system acquired by virtue of such employment, within seven
days after notice is served for that purpose by the corporation. In case
of a refusal or neglect to make such delivery, any court of competent
jurisdiction in the county where such premises are situate, may, on
application, issue a warrant ordering any peace officer, when acting
pursuant to his special duties, or police officer, with such assistance
as may be necessary, to enter, in the daytime, upon the premises so
occupied and remove therefrom all persons found in possession thereof,
and to take into his custody all books, papers, articles and things
there found belonging to the canal system, and deliver the same to the
corporation or to some person designated by it, and such officer shall
execute such warrant accordingly.