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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Laws repealed
§ 141. Laws repealed. Chapter thirteen of the laws of nineteen
hundred and nine, entitled "An act relating to canals, constituting
chapter five of the consolidated laws, " and all acts amendatory thereof
and supplemental thereto, and chapter sixty, laws of nineteen hundred
and thirty-eight, relating to revocable permits, chapter six hundred
fifty-five, laws of nineteen hundred and thirty-four relating to
terminal facilities and storage, chapter three hundred thirty-eight,
laws of nineteen hundred thirty-four, relating to disposition of
terminals, are hereby repealed, but the repeal of such acts shall not
revive any act or acts repealed by them; and no act or privilege
heretofore granted or acquired and no limitation, restriction,
reservation or obligation heretofore imposed by or under the provisions
of this or any of the acts hereby repealed, shall be impaired,
invalidated or otherwise affected by such repeal.