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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Making and recording maps
§ 24. Making and recording maps. There shall be kept on file in the
office of the corporation complete maps of every canal now or hereafter
to be built on which the boundaries of every parcel of land to which the
state shall have a separate title shall be designated and the names of
the former owner and date of each title entered. All such maps
heretofore approved by the commissioner of transportation or the
corporation, or certified by such commissioner, corporation or by the
state engineer or hereafter approved by the corporation to be correct,
shall be presumptive evidence of the truth of the facts therein stated
and of the ownership by the state of the lands therein described. Every
such map when completed shall be approved and certified to as correct by
the corporation. The original of said map shall be filed in the office
of the corporation and copies thereof duly signed and certified as
aforesaid shall be filed in the office of the department of state. Any
such maps filed in the office of the clerk of a county in which such
lands are located or in the office in such county where conveyances are
required by law to be recorded shall constitute evidence to all persons
of the state's title to and ownership in said lands. A transcript of
such maps certified as correct by the officer with whom such map or maps
shall be filed, shall be received as presumptive evidence of the state's
title to the canal lands as of the date designated on such maps in all
judicial or legal proceedings.