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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Alteration of county roads or town highways
§ 60. Alteration of county roads or town highways. Whenever the
commissioner of transportation shall deem it necessary to discontinue or
alter any part of a county road or town highway because of its
interference with the proper location or construction of any work on the
canal system either of improvment, maintance, or repair he shall direct
such discontinuance or alteration to be made and file in the office of
the clerk of the county or town in which such road or highway is
situate, an accurate description of the part of such road or highway so
discontinued and of the one laid out anew. From the time of filing such
description such road or highway shall be considered so altered. The use
of such old road or highway shall not be discontinued until the new road
or highway is declared open for public use by the commissioner of
transportation, and a certificate to such effect filed in the office of
the clerk of the county or town in which said road or highway is
located. Every alteration made on any public road located upon the canal
system before the first day of January, nineteen hundred and thirty-nine
shall be deemed valid in law from the time of such alteration.