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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Assignment of berths for loading or unloading
§ 78. Assignment of berths for loading or unloading. The corporation
or its representative may assign berths to all floats while loading or
unloading at any landing place upon a canal and determine disputes
concerning same. The corporation, shall, as to any of the locks,
terminals or mooring places of the canal system used by floats, regulate
and station such floats for the best interest of navigation. The
corporation may determine how far and in what instances masters and
other persons having charge of any float shall accommodate each other in
their respective anchorages. If any master or other person having
control of any float within the limits of such waters shall neglect or
refuse to obey the directions of the corporation, or its representative,
in any such matters within its authority, or shall resist or oppose the
corporation in the execution of the said duties, such person shall be
liable to a penalty not to exceed one hundred dollars, recoverable by
the corporation in any court of competent jurisdiction, and payable into
the canal fund.