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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Deposit of refuse in navigable waters
§ 81. Deposit of refuse in navigable waters. It shall be unlawful to
throw from or otherwise deposit, either from or out of any float or from
the shore, wharf, manufacturing establishment or mill of any kind,
refuse or other matter of any description, into any of the waters of the
canal system or into any waters dredged at public expense and used for
canal purposes. Every person that shall violate the provisions of this
section shall be subject to damages to the amount as will compensate the
corporation for the expenses involved in restoring such waters to its
useful condition to meet the needs of canal navigation. It shall also be
unlawful for any person to obstruct the navigation of a canal by the
improper mooring, management or conduct of a float, or by placing any
obstruction on the banks thereof.