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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Liability of float for penalty, detention and sale thereof
§ 83. Liability of float for penalty, detention and sale thereof.
Every penalty and forfeiture prescribed by this chapter against the
owner, master or other person having charge of any float, when incurred,
shall be chargeable on such float, and an action for the recovery
thereof may be brought against any person in the possession or having
charge thereof at the time when it is commenced; and any court or
judicial officer issuing the process for the commencement of such an
action, may, by a clause to be inserted therein, direct the officer
executing the same, to detain such float or its appurtenances until
action is determined or until adequate security is given for the payment
of any judgment recoverable. If such security be given, or the defendant
in the action prevail, such court or officer shall order the boat or
other float and property detained to be released. If no such security be
given and a judgment be recovered for such penalty or forfeiture, and
not immediately paid, an execution shall be issued under which the
property so detained may be sold in like manner as if the judgment had
been obtained against the owner thereof.