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This entry was published on 2021-04-09
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Granting, suspending or revoking licenses
§ 101. Granting, suspending or revoking licenses. After due notice and
an opportunity to be heard, established by rules and regulations, the
board may decline to grant a new license, impose conditions or limits
with respect to the grant of a license, modify an existing license or
decline to renew a license, and may suspend or revoke a license already
granted after due notice and an opportunity to be heard, as established
by rules and regulations, whenever the board finds that:

1. A material statement contained in an application is or was false or

2. The applicant or licensee, or a person in a position of management
and control thereof or of the licensed activity, does not have good
moral character, necessary experience or competency, adequate
facilities, equipment, process controls, or security to process,
distribute, transport or sell cannabinoid hemp, hemp extract or products
derived therefrom;

3. After appropriate notice and opportunity, the applicant or licensee
has failed or refused to produce any records or provide any information
required by this article or the regulations promulgated pursuant

4. The licensee has conducted activities outside of those activities
permitted on its license; or

5. The applicant or licensee, or any officer, director, partner, or
any other person exercising any position of management or control
thereof or of the licensed activity has willfully failed to comply with
any of the provisions of this article or regulations under it and other
laws of this state applicable to the licensed activity.