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This entry was published on 2021-04-09
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Disposition of moneys received for license fees
§ 15. Disposition of moneys received for license fees. The board shall
establish a scale of application, licensing, and renewal fees, based
upon the cost of enforcing this chapter and the size of the cannabis
business being licensed, as follows:

1. The board shall charge each registered organization, licensee and
permittee a registration, licensure or permit fee, and renewal fee, as
applicable. The fees may vary depending upon the nature and scope of the
different registration, licensure and permit activities.

2. The total fees assessed pursuant to this chapter shall be set at an
amount that will generate sufficient total revenue to, at a minimum,
fully cover the total costs of administering this chapter.

3. All registration and licensure fees shall be set on a scaled basis
by the board, dependent on the size and capacity of the business and for
social and economic equity applicants such fees may be assessed to
accomplish the goals of this chapter.

4. The board shall deposit all fees collected in the New York state
cannabis revenue fund established pursuant to section ninety-nine-ii of
the state finance law.