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This entry was published on 2021-04-09
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License renewal
§ 98. License renewal. 1. Each license, issued pursuant to this
article, may be renewed upon application therefor by the licensee and
the payment of the reasonable fee for such license as specified by this

2. In the case of applications for renewals, the board may dispense
with the requirements of such statements as it deems unnecessary in view
of those contained in the application made for the original license.

3. The board shall provide an application for renewal of any license
issued under this article not less than ninety days prior to the
expiration of the current license.

4. The board may only issue a renewal license upon receipt of the
specified renewal application and renewal fee from a licensee if, in
addition to the selection criteria set out in this article, the
licensee's license is not under suspension and has not been revoked.