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This entry was published on 2021-04-09
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General Provisions
Cannabis (CAN) CHAPTER 7-A

Section 125. General prohibitions and restrictions.

126. License to be confined to premises licensed; premises for

which no license shall be granted; transporting


127. Protections for the use of cannabis; unlawful

discriminations prohibited.

128. Permits, registrations and licenses.

129. Laboratory testing permits.

130. Special use permits.

131. Local opt-out; municipal control and preemption.

131-a. Office to be necessary party to certain proceedings.

132. Penalties for violation of this chapter.

133. Revocation of registrations, licenses and permits for

cause; procedure for revocation or cancellation.

134. Lawful actions pursuant to this chapter.

135. Review by courts.

136. Illicit cannabis.

137. Persons forbidden to traffic cannabis; certain officials

not to be interested in manufacture or sale of cannabis


138. Access to criminal history information through the

division of criminal justice services.

138-a. Injunction for unlawful manufacturing, sale, or

distribution of cannabis.

139. Severability.