1. The Laws of New York
  2. Court Acts
  3. New York City Civil Court
  4. Article 15: Execution

Section 1508 Enforcement proceeding; injunction, receivership

New York City Civil Court (CCA)

(a) An injunction or restraining order or notice may issue out of or by, and a receiver may be appointed by, the court if:

  1. the court has been granted jurisdiction of an enforcement proceeding by CPLR § 5221; and

  2. such remedy is utilized in furtherance of the enforcement of a money judgment.

  (b) In any enforcement proceeding of which the court has jurisdiction, all processes, mandates, subpoenas, orders, notices and other papers therein may be served or executed by such means and at such place, regardless of city or state lines, as would be authorized in the supreme court in a like instance; and the powers of a receiver appointed in such proceeding, pursuant to subdivision (a), shall extend throughout the state.