1. The Laws of New York
  2. Court Acts
  3. New York City Civil Court
  4. Article 18: Small Claims

Section 1815*2 Access to daytime pro se part

New York City Civil Court (CCA)

1. Senior citizens, disabled persons and members of the work force whose normal work schedule requires them to work during evening hours may institute a small claims action or proceeding returnable to the daytime pro se part of the court.

  2. The clerk of the court shall verbally inform all claimants who appear to qualify or who submit adequate documentation, upon commencement of the small claims action, of the right to have any small claims heard in the daytime pro se part upon such terms as provided herein. Notwithstanding any inconsistent provision of law, a claimant shall have the right upon presenting proof to the clerk that he is sixty-five years of age or older, that he is disabled as defined in subdivision twenty-one of section two hundred ninety-two of the executive law or that he is employed in a capacity which requires him to work during evening hours and the court shall proceed to hear the case according to the practice and procedure applicable to the small claims part.

  3. The clerk of the court shall publicize the availability of such forum. Such publicity shall include but not be limited to prerecorded taped messages and large signs in English and Spanish to be posted in conspicuous locations in each small claims court clerk's office, advising the public of the availability.

  * NB There are 2 § 1815's