1. The Laws of New York
  2. Court Acts
  3. New York City Civil Court
  4. Article 2: Jurisdiction

Section 204 Summary proceedings

New York City Civil Court (CCA)

The court shall have jurisdiction over summary proceedings to recover possession of real property located within the city of New York, to remove tenants therefrom, and to render judgment for rent due without regard to amount, and in such a proceeding after the court has determined that a warrant of eviction be issued, it shall not be necessary for the court to sign the warrant, but it may be signed by the clerk of said court. The court shall also have jurisdiction over special proceedings by tenants of multiple dwellings in the city of New York for judgment directing deposit of rents and the use thereof for the purpose of remedying conditions dangerous to life, health or safety, as authorized by article seven-a of the real property actions and proceedings law.